Welcome to the RhinoLINUX Operating Systems Project!

The RhinoLINUX Operating System was started in 2010, originally all that was aimed for was a custom LinuxMint install DVD with added packages,  and the we decided let’s try do our own customized distro – and from the beginning our goal was as follows:

To create a reliable,secure Linux-based Operating System, which simply works out of the box, there must be no need to download things such adobe reader flash, java, browser plugins or codecs to view modern websites or watch a movie. It must be able to run as many apps from legacy OSs such as DOS, Windows XP and such, as well as compatibility with modern office apps and multimedia.

Nor should the user to have to buy expensive productivity software such as Office apps and multimedia creation and viewer software, or image and photo editing. In fact we decided that not only must RhinoLINUX be able to view and play ALL modern documents & multimedia but the ability to edit and convert these formats should also be built in where possible.

For example, the ability to not just copy a DVD movie, but to convert it to a DivX digital format AVI file. This should be possible even if one is not familiar with the technical side of DivX – a simple one or two click app is ideal. And EUREKA we have Acidrip – a one click DVD to AVI ripper tool.

But then we also want to be able to take a downloaded AVI file – let’s say “Top 1oo Funny Cat Clips.avi” which you want your Aunty Shirley to see but she doest have a computer or know how to use one. It would be best to give it to her in a format she is familiar with and which she has the equipment and know to view it on, in this case the common-or-garden variety DVD Movie disk. And you want to include on the disk some music to go with a slide show of images from your recent visit from her. This is all possible with RhinoLINUX bundled application suites. In this case one can use DeVeDe and DVDstyler to create the DVD-ROM iso image of the clip. Plus slideshows and menus etc.



We also decided to make the OS interface look good and up to date in terms of high-definition wall papers, and iconsets, with good design and eye-candy, and it had to be fun to use. We decided that with Main Edition, we would use a traditional Linux GUI look & feel, the familiar to all Linux regulars ‘Gnome Desktop version 2’ – this had been discontinued by the original Gnome Project, and a newer Gnome 3 Desktop was out.

At the time we felt that Gnome 3 was a bit immature and feature-weak for use as a viable GUI for RhinoLINUX. However, the Gnome version 2.x desktop code had been forked by the MATE Project, and so we chose to go that route for Main Edition’s main desktop GUI. However we also decided to include a few light resource alternatives with Main Edition, and chose FluxBox, Enlightenment, OpenBox and of course LXDE as options at various points.More recently we have included XBMC media centre as an option for those using the PC purely as Media Centre.

One is able to boot up straight into the XBMC / KODI Interface and reboot or shutdown within this as well.




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