Main Edition

RhinoLINUX Main Edition is our flagship Operating System (OS) – it has been developed with ease of use for both experienced Linux users and newbies alike, with different editions or flavours to cater for different user groups.

Main Edition originally was intended for use as a one-stop all purpose OS for the medium to advanced Linux user. Therefore it has these features which are still included in all releases of Main Edition:

  1. Traditional Linux desktop environment – Gnome 2.x style GUI
  2. Hard disk & data recovery tools built in
  3. Virtualization & Emulator support
  4. Multimedia & Web app complete support for all common documents & media types.
  5. Ability to run legacy (DOS/Windows) applications
  6. Application suites with popular & useful apps bundles
  7. USB & DVD/ISO utilities especially multiboot USB loaders.
  8. Modern look & feel themes as well as retro themes.
  9. Tools that give one the ability to customize and remaster the OS as well as do backups simply.
  10. Alternative secondary desktop environments

Since the earlier versions we have now tried to make RhinoLINUX Main Edition more welcoming and familiar to users of the Microsoft Windows OS by including Windows style themes as well as Program setup tools for Windows apps such as WineTricks and PlayonLinux.

RhinoLINUX is able to run Windows in a seamless virtual machine to give you simultaneous Linux/Windows menus and toolbars with both platform’s apps running side by side on the same desktop.

Multiple Windows versions can be run in Virtual Machines at the same time and even networked together.

The RhinoLINUX OS family is built on top of Debian/Ubuntu source code and there are almost 50000 Ubuntu apps that are compatible with RhinoLINUX so that truly almost any app and OS can be run on all our OS editions.

The software powering RhinoLINUX and all this, with the exception of certain proprietary drivers and codecs (mp3 support for example) is done using FOSS (free and open-source software).

The free part is more in the sense of ‘liberty and freedom’ than ‘free of charge’ – it is legal and in fact encouraged for you to make copies of, distribute and share the RhinoLINUX DVD and bundled software. No license fees are payable and no subscriptions will be asked for once a year is up. There are editions of RhinoLINUX with value added content which do cost money but the standard releases will always be FREE OF CHARGE.

RhinoLINUX Main Edition version 8.0 is the newest released version and is available at the SourceForge and Softpedia sites.

Version 8.0 is based on Ubuntu 14.04 ‘trusty’ software libraries and is released under the code name ‘Trusty Tosca. It is also a Long Term Support (LTS) release which means it is officially supported by us and Ubuntu until 2019.

An update to Trusty Tosca version 8.1 will be available shortly to bring this 2 year old release up to date.

We also expect to be releasing our 9.0 series which will support the 64 bit systems for the first time soon as well.

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