RhinoLINUX Software Projects

The RhinoLINUX Software team are working on various projects such as the RhinoLINUX for Winfows project, an attempt to get a low resource, Windows compatible as well as Windows-like version of RhinoLINUX.

This version is intended for the WinXP and 2000 PCs out there that cant handle the modern OSs put out by Microsoft. But they can run a nice modern system when its Linux based.

This release isnt out yet but is expected soon. Another non-released project is the RhinoLINUX Debian Edition project, and we also have a ‘lite’ rhino built on top of a puppylinux.

Then we are also involved trying to get a decent internet cafe/kiosk build running to a client’s custom specs

But our main focus at the moment is the standard Main, KDE & Lite editions.At present only available for the i386 platform ie 32bt.

(By thr way – There is an Ultimate 64bit edition of RhinoLINUX 8 available on order for 20 US Dollars. Its worth it – extra themes and eye candy and apps.)






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