Cinnamon Edition

RhinoLINUX Cinnamon Edition is based on the excellent alternative desktop to the traditional Gnome 2.x / MATE and the not quite fully functional Gnome 3.x projects. It features extensions and plugins as well as a range of addons and themes that make it possible to really build any kind of desktop look & feel one wants.

The RhinoLINUX project started work on a version of RhinoLINUX with early versions of Cinnamon but has only recently developed a build with Cinnamon as the main Desktop Environment that finally we can release. It was very unstable before, and weird things like the menu freezing or total desktop freeze would occur.

Gnome 3 itself has matured and the Cinnamon desktop shows this new stability and overall completeness, unlike the Gnome 3 desktop before now.

We have included Windows themes to help those coming from the MS Windows desktop systems. XP, Win7 and a Win10 theme are included as well as the corresponding icon themes used in those systems.

We hope you enjoy our ‘spiced’ up RhinoLINUX Cinnamon Edition, which is available as part of the ‘Xenial Xavier’ version 9 Long Term Supported series.

With the exception of Lite Edition, all future RhinoLINUX editions will be 64 bit. and fully supports the newer hardware of the X86_64 platform.





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