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RhinoLINUX - What is it and what can I do with it?

It is a Portable, Live Operating system -

Now u can carry your own secure personal desktop OS in your pocket - can run off a 4Gb USB disk, by booting off USB on any modern PC.

So you could use it when paying bills via the Internet using someone's PC, you dont have to worry about phishing and network virus and worm attacks as Linux is not vulnerable to these. You can even keep your browsing of social networks totally private by using your Live RhinoLINUX USB system everytime you connect to Facebook and Twitter etc, and when you are done rebooting and removing your RhinoLIVE USB disk - and keeping your social life totally secure and private.

The full system with all applications as per the installed system are available with 2Gb of disk space for data,and app preferences to be saved. These changes 'persist' across reboots which means one can use the system as a "portable" desktop system, able to run in "live" mode anytime

The Live system does not affect the installation of Windows/Linux on the PC hard drive (unless you click on the "Install RhinoLINUX" icon)

The RhinoLINUX system is fast, fun to use and secure - viruses and spyware cannot run on this system. Give it a try today



The majority of PCs run their system software, (Microsoft Windows/MacOSX/Linux etc) off an installation on the system's internal hard drive.

The RhinoLINUX operating system has the ability to run off removable DVD and USB disk media in what is called a "Live" mode.

Essentially what happens is the RhinoLINUX system loads or boots from the live media instead of running as most operating systems do, from a hard disk or disk partition.

The Live version of the RhinoLINUX system is the default startup option on the distribution DVD, which allows all new users to run RhinoLINUX "Live" as a type of trial session.

Changes can be made, apps can be opened but upon reboot the system will revert to how it was before.

(Using a USB disk can allow for changes to be saved between reboots - this is done by using a special read-write overlay file for the persistent data)

This mode is also useful for troubleshooting any Windows or Linux system that won't start normally from its hard disk.

The RhinoLINUX OS includes some advanced system and disk recovery tools,to assist these rescue-type operations. Testdisk and Midnight Commander are included.

The Live media also includes the RhinoLINUX Install program which will setup the system to the PC hard drive in the normal fashion, and can be installed to dual boot with Windows / Other OS's in a dula boot setup.